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    Occasionally, about once per hour seemingly at random, when I mouse over something the game crashes. I stubbornly continue to use Windows 7, so maybe that has something to do with it? I can’t make it happen on purpose, but it has happened many many times. This should be the log file from the crash I got a screen shot of.

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    I use win7 too and never had such crash. Win10 have more problems, imo.

    Your OS thinks it might be a video driver related problem, so try to update it with latest available:
    nVidia driver Version.378.49 WHQL, Release Date 2017.1.24

    And maybe monitor your video memory usage with GPU-Z utility program – it can log all readings to file.

    Avatar photoTucker

    I saw the driver update suggestion in the error message a while ago and I updated my drivers, but the problem continued. I meant to put that in my original post. They’re still up to date by the way. I tried the GPU monitor and the game runs at about 730MB out of 768MB, so yeah that might be a problem. It only showed a max of 745MB in the log, but it can only check every so often. It’s kind of a sad fix, but I’ll try lowering the game’s resolution a bunch and see if it stops happening.

    Side note, I failed at reading comprehension on the how to report bugs post and only just realized I need to zip my log file. Herp de derp.

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    The crash occurs in the depths of the third-party UI library we use. While I don’t have a solution for you yet, the coming update will upgrade to a newer version of that library. Among several fixes, it will also require less video memory, so hopefully that’ll help.

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    Thank you very much. I think your game is awesome and I appreciate your hard work. I’ll try it out when the update is out and let you know if there’s still a problem.

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