Topic: How can Vampires fight in Daylight?

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    Fighting a ruin with 3 Vampires and a lot of skeletons, I purposefully waited till daylight to fight, cause it seems intuitive that Vampires either can’t fight or would be significantly weaker in daylight, I mean everyone can agree that’s a pretty big thing in vampire lore, right? But nope, same annoying vampires that fly around, cutting things to shred, and I mean if they’re allowed to do that in daytime at least get rid of their Nine Lives ability during the day. Really think some balance should be done with that

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    Devs are planning Vampire revamp. At least their art is gonna get updated, but we might hope for some bigger changes (eg. I proposed few different kinds of vampires)

    Currently things stand as you said. Vampires are just another mob who doesn’t care about daylight. Still, we should remember that Battle Brothers lore might highly differ from any other vampires we know.

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    Honestly I overreacted, I’m over it now, but the only reason I complained so loud was cause the last vampire out of 3, with a sliver of health (after triggering nine lives) was able to kill 2 of my guys who’ve been with me for 50+ days, and all my guys kept missing. But seriously, Vampires should be weaker in daylight if they are allowed to fight in daylight. If they stay same strength, then they’re not vampires.

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