Topic: How is everyone enjoying the Update?


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    Haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet but having read all about it it seems amazing. I am so glad for the lore they decided to do something somewhat new for goblins. Taking inspiration from a certain Under Empire ( ;) ) from what I could tell. Anyways. I think it will be great, as long as the Goblins are balanced. (Ork’s on release anyone?) Great job guys! Love the game still, been waiting for this update!

    Avatar photoSpiritofTheWolfx

    REALLY? The puppies can be decapitated!? Awwwwww.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Dont get too scared of the goblins :)
    Play the first few rounds on easy (thats not a shame) and try out different tactis. Youll be okay.


    ps: unfortunately we dont have helmets for the wardogs ;)

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