Topic: How the anticipaiton perk works?

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    I am kinda cruious, I used to thing think it’s of no use because I really dont know the mechanic it works. It literally writes +1+10%of base ranged defense bonus per tile. I just dont know if the 10% part should be mutiiplied per tile? My archers have 40+ ranged defense, if 10% base defense can be stacked per tile then it can get 20+defense, that’s awesome.
    But it doesnot reflect in the panel I dont know if it worth the investment.
    So maybe the tooltips could be more plain?

    Avatar photoGlyphGryph

    It’s (1+10% of ranged skill) times number of tiles, I’m pretty sure.

    So if you have 40 ranged skill, it’s +5 defense per tile, or +20 defense at 4 tiles and +50 defense at 10 (max bow range)

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Wow 40 ranged defense is nuts! Is that with Dodge bonus? With Anticipation you should never get hit really (5% for enemy archers). Especially if you have some sort of cover.
    It’s up to you though. If you already have Dodge and need the perk points somewhere else – with 40 ranged def Anticipation is probably not even needed.

    As to how it works, GlyphGryph has it right I believe.

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