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    So I was just curious, and sorry if this is in the wrong forum list but it seemed like it would be the best place to put it. I was wondering how I could increase the level cap. Normally if I need to fiddle around with the game scripting to change a number, whatever it would be, I use Notepad++ and I am not sure if it would work for this Battle Brothers. All I want to do is change the level cap from 11 to…lets say 15. How would I go about doing that? It fairly easy for most other games, but I want to make sure it doesn’t cause horrible things to happen in game, or if it is even possible. Could you let me know which directory I would have to open with Notepad++, where I would find the file I needed to modify, and what I would need to search? I thank you for any help, I just personally find level caps annoying, even if it is for balancing, I just like progressing till I cannot progress any further.

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    as I understand the maximum level of 11 made strictly from those considerations that you have not received all the perks in all three branches for 12 brothers and not become unkillable machines of war. It is also obvious that the 11 level and the tree of perks waiting for changes with the introduction of goblins and with the further development of the game. You not the first who would like to develop their beautiful tramps in the mighty knights continue after level 11, but still. Don’t worry – soon we will all have a new game with new enemies and new mechanics – will be what to do :)

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    These brothers go to 11, because 11 is 1 better than 10!

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    Hahaha word! 11 ftw.

    no refunds.

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