Topic: How to manage dissatisfaction of reserve roster?

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    Avatar photoMike

    I’ve come upon a new issue in my latest, unusually successful playthrough – reserve roster full of grumpy mercs.

    Previously I rarely got a full roster to begin with, and got enough injuries during combat to keep reserve mostly filled with injured bros who didn’t mind sitting there. Now, however, I got lucky on good backrounds and going full-on flail/dagger mastery gave me both more good armors than I can use and very quick resolution of most battles.

    So, to the point: how to keep the people on the bench happy?

    Simply rotating them after every battle or two to prevent “felt useless” isn’t feasible because I’m trying to lvl up some greenhorns and don’t want to skip on xp for them. I’m hitting on every tavern I can find, keeping a varied stock of food and fulfilling ambitions reasonably quickly, but it doesn’t seem to be quite enough to balance the sheer dread of chilling out in complete safety and chewing fat.

    So, am I missing something? any advice?

    Avatar photomrbunnyban

    Some folks have traits which makes them always not mind being in reserve. Dastard and disloyal comes to mind.

    Avatar photoIoci

    tell them: you are fired

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Can’t really go around that malus, sadly. I would recommend you just visit a tavern before you decide to use them again.
    They can only have steady morale or worse, right? That shouldn’t be too much of an issue anyways.

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