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    First of all; this game features a lot of things that make me tick. Tactical turn-based combat with a metagame on top of it, medieval-like low magic (by the looks of it) setting and a clean UI.

    However, how are you funding the game? Not looking for details obviously, but is there a way to support you guys financially (donations, KS, etc)? This might have been discussed somewhere already, but I couldn’t find it ;)

    I’d love to contribute, as would many supporters for a game like this I’d guess.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hi Cnaiur!

    first of all great to hear that you want to support the game, that’s very important to us.
    Here’s a quick rough overview about our plan in chronological order:

    1. Steam Greenlight – we will start this step as soon as our trailer is finished.
    2. Kickstarter Campaign sometime this fall (if Kickstarter comes to Germany)
    3. Steam Early Access early next year
    4. Full game release sometime at the middle of next year.

    Thats’s a very rough overview and maybe my companions can correct me if I mixed something up :)

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    I was thinking along the same lines as Cnaiur, and read in your FAQ about your funding plans.
    In case you don’t know, seem to sometimes support indies with games in development:
    The game looks great by the way, and I’m enjoying the demo!

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