Topic: How will your party be remembered!? Battle Brother Legacy

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    First post so if this idea has already been put forth nevermind. I think the game is great and love what you do, but I think it needs a little extra in how it ends. Since permadeath is implemented I feel the game needs some kind of ‘closure’ in the sense that your end will resolve in how your “party” will be remembered. I’m talking about some kind of score that reflects your accomplishment and give your party some kind of “legacy” that would reflect how well you did. Right now the end screen is the same no matter if you died in your first fight or later on. If you think of the game Pirates there is also a score that determines how well you did. I think that the game needs some acknowledgement of how well (or not) the player did.

    Keep up the good work

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    That’s a good idea, we’ll keep it in mind for when we get to overhaul the worldmap gameplay.

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    That’s something I really miss. Some kind of “Hall of fame”, not only in party terms, but also when in game would be nice to see how many bad guys Eldrich slained : )

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