Topic: I don't get why you can't just cut off undead heads while they're down…

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    Avatar photoJohnsmith24601

    I mean, it seems pretty intuitive that your men should be able to move on top of the downed undead, spend a turn to crouch down and cut off their heads…So that they won’t resurrect over and over…

    Avatar photoGrove_Knight

    I guess it has to do with being in the heat of combat? I don’t see why an archer wouldn’t be able to though. Hm. Maybe this can be a QoL feature later down the road.

    Avatar photoDanubian

    I dont get why my brothers play in turns, cant they just all attack at the same time?

    Avatar photoJohnsmith24601

    In every f$%^ing video complain/suggestion thread ever, somebody has to say something like,”yeah cuz it’s just a video game! Therefore, everything’s cool” I’m so sick of that.

    Also, to Grove_Knight: I mean, yeah…the guys can already pull weapons from their backpacks mid-battle…So I really don’t see why what I suggested would be considered “unrealistic” in this game.

    Avatar photoGrove_Knight

    Well unsheathing a sword or pulling an axe from your hip can be done very quickly, even less time for someone trained (like a mercenary). But bending down and chopping off a head might take a little longer. Then again, bandaging mid combat would take quite a minute as well. Maybe this feature would make the most sense if you can only do it when you’re not in a zone of control, and it takes all of your AP.

    Avatar photoNed Stark

    Well, if we want to get technical, we can talk about the amount of fatigue it’d take for a mercenary clad in plate armor to crouch down and hack a head. Know that during the actual medieval era, if a knight in plate armor fell over, depending on his armor composition, he may not be able to get back up on his own. Armor is heavy.

    Now, an answer that you probably didn’t want is: “Try using cleavers!”. Lower a Wiederganger’s health, then decapitate them.

    Another answer that you probably didn’t want, if you thought of it, is: “Give axes and, billhooks, and swords to your Brothers with the Bloodthirsty trait beore engaging Wiedergangers!”.

    Another thing is when engaging 30+ Wiedergangers, and they’re already upon you… you probably don’t have the time to do this.

    At the end of the day, the most logical response to your question probably would be: “Not everything in the world of Battle Brothers is perfect, and the developers don’t have the cost-benefit of including every little detail that would make the BB world perfect.”

    "It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live." ~Marcus Aurelius

    Game: "Characters with a height advantage against their opponents are harder to hit"
    Me: "That's not true, and my short axeman is living proof!"

    Avatar photoKalanar

    Alright, you’re all grounded. Time out in the corner for not playing nice.

    From a balance perspective: If you can easily chop their heads off when they are downed, they will become much easier to defeat, which would need a re-balancing, making them harder to down in the first place.

    Avatar photoKhealchHierarch

    I am surprised at you Ned Stark, you of all people should know that armour is not heavy at all. A late medieval tournament armour might be, but a true combat armour dont hinder the wearer much at all (and after all the individuals that wore them trained in them constantly) :)

    And I agree that if u want those heads rolling, try to maximize the chances with the right equipment/traits etc.

    Personally I dont mind the wiedergangers returning from the dead, its the flavour of playing against them, however the suggestion of being able to interact with fallen enemies is a good one, though not something i believe the developers really need to focus on.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    Yeah. It’s just one of the main things that can make fighting wiedergangers challenging (i.e. you’ve already killed most of them, but you’re a bit fatigued and there are still some fresh, more heavily armed ones approaching, and then half of the dead ones arise into melee with your archers who’ve moved forward).

    Personally, I just wish that all wiedergangers were possessed by a necromancer and had doubled action points, the Pathfinder perk and +15 eyesight (effective in the dark), so that battles could be joined and resolved quickly.

    Oh, and give them all the Impatient trait as well.

    Avatar photoJohnsmith24601

    Grove_Knight: Nah, I’m talking about the bags and pelts perk! Seriously, that allows you to carry like, what, 4 or 5 weapons at the same time? You have to carry some of those in your back pack, there’s no way you can just whip it out from your batman utility belt lol

    Avatar photoWargasm

    One thing you can currently do with fallen wiedergangers is pick up their weapon. Then, if they do arise, it will (presumably) be without a weapon. However, not all weapons are available on the ground as loot, and I don’t know whether there’s any connection between the availability of wiederganger loot and the matter of whether they’ll return to life.

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