Topic: Icy Cave not spawning/unreachable land

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    Hello, can anybody please check this seed to verify that Icy Cave indeed did not spawn for me? Someone on Steam noticed that part of the map is cut off by water, it might probably just mean I can’t reach its location due to bug.

    Seed: RMCJXUUJND (Gladiator origin)

    Savegame file is in the attachment.


    Avatar photoRap

    It didn’t spawn with this seed due to lack of space, but has been fixed for the next update. Thanks for letting us know.

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    Avatar photoLorcan

    Just an update, I was checking the seed with different origins and the legendary locations spawned normally. So it was an issue with gladiator origin or the seed was generated with a bug on my particular save.
    Edit: I recently purchased all the support the developers DLC’s. Just letting you know I absolutely adore the game and the work you put into it. I hope we will see more content in the future ;)

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