Topic: An idea for having more than 12 battle brothers

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    I have read a few times people want to have more than 12 battle brothers, or having some sort of reserve of troops, I was thinking that rather than just having a larger group or reserve maybe the player could control more than one group of mercenaries via hotkeys on the map or something, then the battles would be the same but for those big difficult battles you’d be able to combine your two groups of mercenaries to even the troop count a bit :-), would mean you’d have more than on group completing contracts and patrolling roads and stuff as well, the only downside is it’d be moving away from the idea of a roaming mercenary troop to basically commanding an army.

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    For a “reserve” of mercenaries, I think it’d be nice to be able to leave some of your men in a town and then be able to find them at the tavern if you want to rehire.

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