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    Battlebrothers is a game with a big potential in combat, exploration and party management. Today is difficult to find an interesting strategy tactical game like BattleBrothers, so it would be nice to harness this potential in a new game: PIONEERBROTHERS ;D

    The general features would be:
    Renaissance setting: colonial era, firearms, caravels, exploration
    Sandbox mode. Total freedom of movement.
    More emphasis in exploration
    Headquarters management
    Pioneersbrothers with different skills and traits.

    “The King from a distant kingdom has sent a a caravel manned with a group of brave (or foolish perhaps?) explorers to discover new lands. The Kingdom is at war against other countries and the King doesn´t want to spend many resources on this crazy project. In case the caravel reachs a new land, the royal mission is clear: Pioneers must build ONLY ONE coastal outpost, and explore the new continent, finding/bringing evidences that the New World is colonizable, secure and rich in resources.”

    The main 2 features are exploration and headquarters management.

    At the beginning of the game you start with a group of 12 pioneers and one caravel. You must find a proper place in order to stablish your colony. Then you must choose what pioneers will start an expedition and what pioneers will remain in the colony performing different survival tasks: Obtaining natural resources, patrolling/guarding, building facilities, etc. As the campaign progresses, you’ll have more pioneers avaiable and set various expeditions (up to 3) at the same time.


    During your expeditions:
    -You’ll face dangers, travelling through hostile areas and fighting against wild animals, hostile natives, ancient Warriors, nature spirits, etc.
    -You’ll discover exotic places and beautiful treasures exploring caves, ancient ruins, shrines, but be careful, those treasures can be guarded by powerful foes.
    -You´ll find peaceful and hostile tribes. If they are friendly enough, you can trade with them, rest in their villages and recruit natives who will partitipate in expeditions or in your colony tasks. On the other hand, hostile tribes will try to elminate your colony and other peaceful tribes. Hostile tribes are the main enemy in the campaign. You can subdue an hostile tribe defeating his chieftain in its capital village.
    -The Caravel: you can use it for returning to the Kingdom and trading there, bringing new pioneers, tools and weapons to the New World. With the caravel you can explore faster the coastline of the New World and start farther expeditions.
    -All hope is not lost if all the members of an expedition die in an ambush. The remaining pioneers can overcome this and succeed accomplishing the royal misión.


    In your colony, fatigued and injured explorers will recover from wounds and exhaustion. You’ll store valuable items gained in expeditions. You can too assign tasks to pioneers, something like we saw in Sid Meier’s 1994 Colonization game:
    -Recollect resources: Wood, food, metal.
    -Build facilities and use them:
    X Smithy: Assign here an skilled pioneer and he will create special weapons and tools
    X Infirmary: Pioneers will recover from injuries
    X Barracks: Pioneers will recover from fatigue accumulated in travels
    X Barricades-Palisade-Fort Wall
    X Watchtower: Increases vision radius from the colony and protects from small skirmishes of animals or hostile native groups. Discovers early big attacks from hostile tribes to the colony, giving more time to arrange a proper defense.
    X Warehouse and other buildings.
    -Repel attacks: With fortune and work, the colony will grow, and from time to time it will face great attacks from hostile tribes. The more important will be the colony, the attacks will be more powerful.

    There is plenty of room for colony events and expedition events.


    You can win the campaign and The King will be satisfied, allowing the creation of new colonies, if you accomplish one of those conditions:
    – Defeat the hostile tribes, pacificating the entire región, living in armony with peaceful tribes
    – Explore the 90% of the New World
    – Obtain a legendary treasure. Something like “El Dorado Treasure”
    – Reach the maximun level of development of your colony, with all the upgrades

    I’m sure Battlebrothers will have a big success, and a game like PionerBrothers, would be a nice sequel. What do you think? ;D

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