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    hello all , i am a big fan of the game and since i bought it i had a lot of fun . so i am writting this suggestion topic to speak about one thing that i think could be in the theme of the game , so you know you play do contracts and arrive at a point were you have a good compagny well disciplined and deadly but one thing that thinked could be showing more that view of your compagny would be customisation of the emblem on the shields to give an impression of unity in the ranks of the player compagny and be able to wear tabar likes the nobles troops , so for the tabar i thinked that it could be bought in the new building of the extension ” the taxidermist ” or could be crafted in a tailor event where if you have silk or Cloth rolls you could permite the player to let the tailor to craft tabar or not if the player is more like to trade those items to other villages where he can makes profit of them.
    I thank you to have take your time to read my little ideas and have a good day .

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    You may want to check the preliminary feature list of the upcoming DLC here. Have a good day as well.

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    You mean tabard with company emblem or colours? yes great idea – I think something like this will come. Maybe just colour though.

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    i mean for the tabar the emblem and the colour that could be an help for players to see their mercenaries in grand melee of noble troops or to put some of your mercenary in different colour to help you securize your weaker mercenaries per exemple put the archers in red and put the frontline mercenaries in blue so if you stream or do videos on any plateforms on the game you can give your vievers an better indication on wich guys are who and what are their roles

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