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    I would like to start this post off by saying, I absolutely love this game!!

    Can’t wait to see the updates and improvements you guys do and am really excited to help with any feedback or ideas.

    Not all my ideas will be appreciated but maybe you can turn parts of them into some good.
    These are just things that I’ve come up with while playing. I have almost 60 hours clocked so far on 3 different campaigns/difficulties.
    Also, I tried to look around the forums and see what people have already posted about so I apologize in advance if any of these are duplicates.

    -Player Hero and character creation
    This would be the only character to be knocked unconscious upon death and will survive at the end of a fight unless say, their head gets chopped off.
    A bit of customization can go into them at the start like, Hair-style, beard type, color, name and maybe some stat distribution or a single trait pick.

    -Treasure Maps and Bounties
    Treasure maps could be found randomly after defeating roaming groups that would point you in the direction, like the find-a-location contracts, to a dangerous place with some valuables.
    Bounties could be posted by a village after say it was raided by them or a certain roaming group has been active around their village for so long.

    -Changing Traits
    As it is, before I hire on some help at certain points in the game, I’ll save/load to see what their traits will be.
    A potential way to fix this could be that the given traits could change after the member has been with the band for so long. As an example, if they are a craven and they score 5-10 killing blows it would go away and be replaced with another good or bad trait like dexterous or cocky better suiting their combat experience.

    -Pay Adjustment
    This may be a long shot but bare with me; in the beginning and, depending on the difficulty and brother backgrounds, later in the game the Merc fees can become steep when you just spent all your crowns to get that Swordmaster or Coat of Plates. I think it would add an interesting management depth if you can adjust everyone’s pay. They would have a min-max to be paid but if it is low, they become concerned or gain a penalty in combat and vice versa if set higher.

    -Abandoned Troops
    However, if a member does leave the band then perhaps have them pop up at the nearest town for re-hire as the same level and equipment but you’d have to pay the initial high fee to get them back after you’ve earned enough crowns.
    Or perhaps they join a band of bandits and become part of an enemy roaming party in the area.

    -Stand down function
    Adding a toggle allowing units to sit out of a fight would be very useful. If say, they are sick, seriously injured or perhaps their weapon broke and you can’t properly arm them.

    -Scrolling for ‘Next in line’ bar
    This comes up in bigger fights and I pass with a guy and forget which guy I passed with. So either being able to scroll the next-in-line bar or maybe seeing a mark means this is the last chance to act this turn.

    -Supporting Characters
    This is another long-shot but maybe we could add characters or unlock them by rescuing them or earning their favor through tasks. These supporting characters would do things for our band outside of combat. Such as a Journalist who records the brothers that have died, what contracts we have completed, or maybe expand our contract limit.
    Another idea for a supporting character would be a Master of Horse. I saw somewhere someone mentioned adding horsies for us. This could be a step in the process of gaining mounts for the band in late-game.
    *Quartermaster, someone that you can set to a single task of replenishing tools/ammo/bandages or better manages the rations for lower provision use.

    -Creature Parts
    I found some cool creature parts that are not for anything but selling so far. Do you guys have a plan for these? If not perhaps you can use them to enhance equipment or sell to a merchant that only shows up at night for extra crowns.

    -4th Tree, Support
    A support tree would be interesting. Having someone that can preform a Field Triage to stop bleeding or remove goblin poison. Empower or encourage an ally for additional chance to hit. Replenish armor/weapon rating or restore ammo during combat. Temporarily increase a brother’s action points.
    Something along these lines would be very useful in keeping your brothers going in the tougher campaigns.

    -New enemy and Weapon slot
    Barbarians, you guys recently added the regions to the world maps so why not add some region specific enemies as well like the Barbarians in the north tundras.
    Also perhaps allow a brother to duel wield? Or maybe just specific background brothers could like the Wildman.

    -Easier Quick Switching
    Add a function key, like ctrl + a number, to switch to back-up weapons/items like javelins.

    Adding a tutorial in-game would be great. I didn’t notice the “Scenarios” until I was 40 days into my first campaign and made many mistakes. Maybe recommend the Scenarios section for first time players?

    -Taverns in towns
    Rumors: Information about factions, impending attacks, hideout locations, enemy weaknesses or straight up game mechanics.
    Buffs: Allowing your men to partake with the winches and drink some ale could improve their mood and stats for a few days.
    Rooms: To restore everyone to full HP without the use of bandages. I’ve found myself waiting outside a town for several days on the harder difficulties just so everyone can bandage each other.

    -Contract Ideas
    Town defense: A Tower or Castle could get word that a neighbor is under attack by raiders and can’t provide the man power to out them and needs outside help.
    VIP Rescue: A damsel in distress or a royal hunt gone wrong, there’s bound to be someone out there that needs rescuing!
    Highway Bandits: Bandits who need killing that have fortified a bridge or road and demand supplies/crowns from passing travelers and trading caravans.

    If I think of more I’ll try to add them when I can. Let me know what you guys think of these ideas and hopefully we can forge some into proper in-game features. Thanks for reading!

    -Riecheck, Lion of the Alliance

    -Riecheck, Lion of the Alliance

    Avatar photoDanubian

    All ideas sound good to me :)

    Avatar photoRiecheck

    -Supporting Characters
    Painter – Allows you to recolor shields and armor. I know every time I see a shield or armor with similar colors to my banner I buy them up.
    Scout Master – Improves scouting reports on enemy locations.

    -Riecheck, Lion of the Alliance

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