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    Ok so I was bored yesterday and I just tried to imagine what my dream DLC for Battle Brothers would be. Here are just a few ideas:

    -The name would be : “Battle Brothers : Distant Horizon”
    A pic to give you the general vibe

    -The focus would be on seafaring and exploration.
    -The map would be extended to the east so that the final map is 2/3 ocean, 1/3 lands.
    -This DLC would add the possibility to either buy your own ship or embark aboard the ship of someone else and explore the sea. It would feature new sea creatures, islands, and especially the possibility to fight on the open sea, on the deck of your ship (a smaller combat map, full of obstacles, with some random events that could happen in the middle of a battle such as a sudden storm or a sudden shock that makes your characters lose their balance)
    -The ocean would be divided into two zones: The Northern Sea (available for all) and the Southern Sea (available only with the Blazing Deserts DLC)

    -The Northern Sea would feature : big aquatic monsters such as leviathans and krakens, roaming viking-like raiders drakkars, frozen islands and glaciers where you could face creatures such as polar bears, mammoths, giant seals, ice monsters, etc. I also imagined, for the human foes, a people of Inuit-like hunters inhabiting the northern isles.

    -The Southern Sea would feature : pirates crews, bucaneers and privateers, creatures such as sirens and harpies, tropical islands covered with jungles and volcanic areas, teeming with creatures such as giant lizards, man-eating birds, pantheras, etc… Also, the human foes for these islands would be cannibal tribesmen fighting with poisoned spears and primitive blowguns.

    -Exploring the sea would be long and dangerous and would require much more planning than traveling the lands. There would be a lot of new events related to the sea, your crew, your ship, etc. A lot of new backgrounds and starts. The islands would be full of treasures that you could sell for a lot of money in towns and villages.

    -New kind of mission could consist in leading an exploration expedition to distant islands for some noble House, chasing off pirates (in the South) or sea raiders (in the North), hunting or capturing specific targets living in particular islands, escorting a merchant galley during its journey (but you could become a pirate yourself by attacking the merchant ships, the same way you can attack caravans), helping a colony on some island, threatened by a monster or a tribe of natives, etc.

    -Also, the associated Late Game Crisis for this DLC could be an invasion from some Lovecraftian Deep Ones-like creatures and eldricht monsters, coming from the depth of the sea and attacking the shores of the main continent as well as the islands. Some big boss/champion could be a smaller Cthulluh-like stuff inflicting a new Madness effect on your characters.

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    I think your boredom is your strength because you have created a very heart-melting DLC. I do not think that you have any suggestion to create DLC. You can give suggestions to yourself whenever again you get bored. Just check this DLC again and again and then you will be able to have to check what type of changes you want to make this DLC. Still, if you want any suggestions then I am sharing a website with you. You can find ideas from there because I also like to use the creative design from this page. I also suggest this to my friends and now I decided to share it with you centura tile see!
    You can further check if you want to use these interesting sceneries in your DLC next time.

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    This is an interesting idea. Such updates would take a lot of time in making and better rendering too. I find similar updates on perfect tech reviews and finaldesktop for understanding what new comes in the gaming market.

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