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    For Starters I would like to thanks game Devs for this awesome game ;) I already been playing 100 hours + and its more than some triple A titles.

    I mostly play the game as its suposed to be on “IronMan” Not loading with excetion of Goblins I just hate these small guys ( And I dont accept contracts for them xD But some times they attack caravans/ me on my way ;( :( )

    Hey, heres some ideas .

    1. Crafting Orders or Crafters for Mercenary Band.

    So Like You could go to famed blacksmith / weaponsmith / fletcher ( bowmaker not sure if spelled the other one right) And make an order for epic / masterwork weapon/armor. Paying a huge fee and waiting few days for it.
    And provide some extra resourses like Ghouls Teeth , orcs scalps, wolves manes and maybe You could even add extra misc item like ores That would make armor / wepon difrent depending on ore example
    Iron – just normal stats
    Mithrill – same armor as Iron but a bit Lighter
    Iron + coal (steel)- 10% more armor than Iron with same weight
    Titanium – Best , Ligther and Sturdier than others

    2. Some kind of Strategic progresion. Maybe with fame lvl ? A small tree that would let You improve Your Marching speed / resource gain ( like less food consuption cuz Your guys can pick berries in forest ) ( less tool usage cuz your mercenaries get better at smithy ) ( better tracking ) or smth like that. ( Scouting Hawks ) etc ; )

    3. Character progresion being a little bit less random. (Not sure if its implementable)

    For example if Brother was :
    Hit alot – he would get bigger M Defense Roll
    Shot at alot – bigger R Defese Roll
    Wore heavy armor – bigger FAtigue Roll
    Hit to Hp – Bigger Hp Roll
    etc etc .

    4. Recruitment. Maybe If You would get best posible reputation with city / vilalge You Could request specific types of recruits there. So that they would have higher chance of spawning ( not 100% but higher )
    I remmeber when I once walked for like 10 days from town to town looking for just right replacement for my fallen Brother ;( . And no farmhand could replace him at that time Cuz he would be a meatbag in a moment at this stage.

    5. I Just want to say how awesome this injury system looks ! Love YOu Devs ;)

    6. Maybe some Horses

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