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    I bought a new computer, and I install both steam and battle brothers into the new computer.
    But I found my old saves are all disappeared, when I start the game. But I can find all the save files in the folder of C:\Users\my name\Documents\Battle Brothers\savegames.
    I tried to copy the entire the Battle Brothers folder and paste it into the same address I showed above. But I still cannot load the save in the game.
    I can save new saves in the game. But I cannot find the save files. And the game continue running on steam after I the quit the game. So I cannot exit steam properly.

    Avatar photoLove Gun

    Do you have Steam Cloud synchronisation enabled for Battle Brothers?

    My guess would be that that’s the problem.
    Give disabling that feature a try.

    In case you don’t know how:
    Right-click on the entry of Battle Brothers in the Steam library > Properties > Updates > uncheck the box at “Enable Steam Cloud synchronisation for Battle Brothers”

    After you have disabled it, started the game, maybe loaded and saved your savegames, closed the game again, it should be possible to re-enable Steam Cloud without experiencing any problems anymore.

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