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    I have a couple ideas for the game (obviously)
    1.Battles in villages,towns forts.
    -When a village is under attack you can join in to be put in a map of a town. With obstacles instead of trees being houses or small ponds, rivers with bridges leading over them and a place to hide being wheat fields. Maybe walls that you can climb on if it was a fort where you would have a huge height advantage.
    -After a battle is one maybe you get loot from around the village maps.
    -Forts have guards that spawn on said walls or are inside the fort while you start outside along with the attackers

    2.The ability to attack forts or villages from different human factions and siding with others
    -Quests from one faction that says to siege other factions or take out caravans or guards.
    -Destroying whole villages and possibly wiping out a whole faction.
    -Taking control of a village and get revenues from trade caravans

    3.People in your party interact
    -Some may argue or fight each other leading to one being wounded or in low spirit.
    -Making friends between some people leading to bonuses while standing next to one another, and major morale penalty when one dies
    -Stealing from each other, low spirit or fights
    -Members in group leave due to stress or disliking others in group
    -Someone becomes a leader figure to the rest
    -These would be random events that you could pick options to either help or worsen.

    4.More simple quests
    -You are the caravan
    -Collecting fiefs
    -Clear out an infestation
    -Collect some pelts
    -Deforest an area
    -Search for a mini boss outlaw
    -Capture bandits

    5.New factions
    -A king and royal faction with really high gear and a castle location with stone roads for the area guarded by knights, really good gear at stores but high prices, A king caravan with the king that you can defend for a lot of money, but will attract evils… Good high end quests, Knight hirelings.
    -Wild animals, hunt deer or other animals in forest, buffalo in plains and goats in mountains, heard cow and sheep quests
    -Titans,huge titans that move slow through the land and everything runs from in, usually not around civilization but if it wonders into it, the land would be destroyed, huge range effect on damage, lots of health and damage. Rock Titans,Grass Titans,Water Titans,Lava Titans,Ice Titans
    -Vikings,Hang around sea in boats and come out to land if near water, or hangout around shoreline and attack villages. Semi good gear and are not afraid to die in combat.
    -Peasants,Wander around villages or farm locations,very weak

    6.New locations
    -Farms and crop fields,Usually just trade food in farms or very weak companions, Crop fields are for peasants and farmers to act as trade caravans and go from fields to farms and bring food, you can burn them down if they are affiliated with enemy faction. Trade caravans will pick up stuff from farms so farms are apart of the trade economy
    -Great walls,Cutting off the border of a faction so you can’t get in or this is only one entrance.
    -Training camps, pay money to fight (not kill) others at the camp to get xp
    -Castles(as stated before) one per factions,very big
    -Witch Hut,found in forests or bogs, fight off witches or shamans that summon monsters

    7. Land
    -Bogs,Mostly monsters in there,misty and lots of water pockets to have to walk around
    -Desert,Big and empty. Or new faction:Sand Bandits.marauders, They move fast and can’t be seen until very close, hard enemies. Walk slower in desert.
    -Ravine,can’t go over it.
    -Lava area, dangerous,evil enemies/hard enemies with rivers of lava
    -Steppes,Buffalo,yellow grass fields, little to no civilization but maybe some bandit camps or tribes.

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