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    I’m kind of nuts for immersion in games. The kind of guy who writes one page of bio for his character before starting a new game in a role playing game. This is genuinely fun! For me it there is a conflict between immersion and scaling in battle brothers.

    Scaling makes the game not stale and the game fun for a long amount of time. On the other hand there is always something missing for me. I can’t possibly get immersed in a world where in a matter of a few weeks suddenly everybody is way heavier armed and contracts with the exact same objective and enemies pays only halve the amount than before.

    For me the game would be way more fun if the world would change less rapidly and there would be strong and weak enemies from the get go. Right now there are strong enemies from the get go like necroservants, but without the benefit of immersion, because the world still scales to rapidly. On addition the scaling robs me of the feeling of true accomplishment. I have to scrap by all the time and it is only a matter of time before I get crushed. If I have build up a mercenary company it would be nice to fell them becoming stronger and able to dominate most of the battles except really difficult ones in the end game.

    I know that this is possibly not in line with the vision of the developers. Anyhow I still felt compelled to give my two cents regarding this. This is by no means a complaint. I just wanted to leave my feedback and maybe have I discussion about this.

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    I fully agree: even the game is open world, it definitely should scale with the player’s team strength and time. You shouldn’t have to deal with enemies you have no chance of beating early in the game.

    Imho, the developers of the game should try to make the game fun for everyone, not just those who feel that the game should be as difficult as possible. Maybe, there could a setting which would decide how long does it take before high level enemies start appearing and how fast their population increases.
    I think at this point the game can be much more frustrating than enjoyable at least early in the game where one wrong chose or just some bad RNG can easily get your whole squad killed.

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    Hallo hakimio

    surely we are not the only ones that think that the first 20 days are a little bit of a chore. As much as I can tell the developers do a great job in regard to adapt the game to the wishes of to players. Therefore I am confident that something will happen, to provide a better game expierence.

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    Ehm..I think the Game Is just Fine. I mean, Normal Is easy enough, Veteran is A little more difficult
    End Expert is tough and punishing. If you find the game difficult just play normal mode

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    Hallo Mitsikos

    Do you really think it is fine to encounter 5 necroservants in the first few days? I think not.

    Beginner is easy enough, veteran is doable with practice and expert I didn’t try, so I can’t say. The jump of the difficulty from beginner to veteran is just a bit to step for my taste. If there were a difficulty setting between veteran and beginner, this would be great.

    There are also some weird spikes in the scaling. Suddenly there are orc warriors or ancient legionaries while there were none before. Those big changes happen in a matter of days and because of that the world feels unreal.

    Also what I would rather like to see changed is the scaling and the build of the world. The reasons you can find in my other post “200 days Battle Brothers”.

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