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    Sorry if this has been provided/answered already, my searches came up empty…

    Is there a List where I can find all the in-game tips that are on the loading screens?
    My PC loads the software so extremely fast that I am unable to read any of them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is now ;)

    “As Brothers we fight, as Brothers we die!”
    “Got an idea on how to improve the game? Let us know!”
    “Shields can be destroyed using axes and some two-handed weapons.”
    “Shrubbery can hide characters from being detected from afar.”
    “A character with a height level advantage against his opponent is harder to hit.”
    “Characters can see farther, the higher they are positioned.”
    “Overwhelming a character by attacking from multiple sides makes it easier to score a hit.”
    “Ranged weapon accuracy drops with distance.”
    “A missed ranged attack can hit nearby characters, especially if they are in the direct line of fire.”
    “Bows can not be fired and crossbows not reloaded while engaged in melee.”
    “Bows perform better against unarmored targets.”
    “Ranged weapons work best when firing into groups of enemies – they are bound to hit someone.”
    “Consider forming a shieldwall when overwhelmed.”
    “Conserve your stamina when in prolonged engagements.”
    “Undead are unaffected by fatigue and morale.”
    “Crossbows require less skill to fire accurately than bows but are slower to use.”
    “Each type of weapon has advantages and disadvantages.”
    “Some difficult terrain, like swamp, gives combat penalties.”
    “You can rotate the map using the CTRL key.”
    “You can change camera height levels using the + and – keys.”
    “Clubs and maces can stun or incapacitate targets.”
    “Greatswords can hit multiple targets with one strike.”
    “You can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.”
    “Spears are good defensive weapons due to their Spearwall ability.”
    “Expect to lose some men.”
    “View range is decreased at night, both in combat and on the worldmap.”
    “Skeletons are highly resistant to ranged attacks.”
    “Heavy armor offers great protection, but also slows down the wearer and makes him tire more quickly.”
    “Heavy helmets can be hard to breathe in and limit the field of vision.”
    “Warhammers are best against heavily armored opponents but not that great against unarmed ones.”
    “The Billhook and the Pike can attack over 2 tiles, unlike most other melee weapons.”
    “Flails ignore the defense bonus of shields.”
    “More and different enemies will be in the final game.”
    “Leave us feedback at our website so we can improve the game!”
    “A human is no match for an adult orc physically.”
    “Orcs rely on raw power and physical prowess.”
    “A goblin is no match for an adult human physically, so they rely on wit and dirty tricks.”
    “Orc Berserkers gain rage and get tougher to take down, the more blood they have drawn.”
    “Lost Souls are lost between the physical world and the world beyond, constantly shifting between the two.”
    “Lost Souls test the resolve of your men – the lower, the more likely they are to panic and flee.”
    “Two-handed axes can hit both head and body with a single hit.”
    “Two-handed axes can hit up to 6 targets with a single round swing.”
    “Roads are the fastest way to travel over land, but not always the safest.”
    “Forests can hide many dangers within.”
    “Wiedergangers are the dead walking again.”
    “Difficult terrain, such as mountains and swamp, has your men use more supplies on the worldmap.”
    “If you can not win, flee to fight another day.”
    “Try to reach the very edges of the map before retreating, or you’ll risk your men not making it out alive.”
    “Use the spacebar key to pause on the worldmap.”
    “Not every contract is worth the risk.”
    “Not every battle can be won.”

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    Awesome! This community rocks!
    Thank you.

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    Maybe you should “sticky” this. ;-)

    In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!

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