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    Avatar photoAgravaine

    Or the chance of a town having one, or whatever way it works. Anyone here enjoys running around aimlessly on the world map hoping to stumble into a town that actually has shit to do? I definitely don’t. It’s perfectly fine if they don’t all have contracts all the time, but going through 5 different towns at the start of the game without having a single contract just made me hit quit. Day 5. Money is scarce. Need contracts. After the starting quest not a single one in any of the towns I passed. Several were bigger towns too. Not fun at all.

    Avatar photoRap

    Don’t go looking for contracts at forts and castles in the beginning. The nobles won’t give you any work until you have amassed more renown, and the civilians living there have no need of you since they have the nobles to take care of them.

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    Avatar photoDanubian

    I kinda agree, at times the world can feel empty and walking around in circles between towns hoping to get a contract can get very boring.

    I specially dont like the fact that i cant see the outline of my “view range” circle and the fact that enemy locations seem to respawn within already discovered area. I think they should make fog of war return to areas that are respawning locations so that we can know when to return or something?

    Avatar photoAgravaine

    I understand that nobles won’t hire me early on, but I really don’t like having to cross half the map for a contract in the early game. To get a contract I mean.

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