Topic: Initiative dropped and remained lowered before and after being snared by a net

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    1. My archer (or maybe crossbowman) with the Pathfinder perk was roaming around the woods in search of goblins
    2. I moved him into some dense bushes, and on his way there he seemed to move directly through a tile occupied by a goblin with a net
    3. The net-bearing goblin ran away and didn’t snare my archer (contrary to my expectation)
    4. My archer kept chasing the goblins but his Initiative had suddenly dropped to the level (55-60) that I had anticipated it would be at once he was netted (I think he also had the Dodge perk – hence my concern for his Initiative)
    5. Shortly afterwards, my archer was netted, by the same goblin or another one, and his Initiative remained at the same lowered level
    6. He broke free from the net at the first or second attempt, but his Initiative stayed at the same lowered level until the end of the battle

    It seemed to me that the goblin had been poised to net my archer/crossbowman on its next turn, and then changed its mind at the last moment in response to my bowman’s move, but that the effect of the goblin’s first decision was still applied and then could not be undone.

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