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    I can’t wait for the crafting system to be implemented, as my favourite (future) tactical idea needs to rely on it. one of my experiments revolved around a slightly similar system to goblins; where my troops will rely almost entirely on throwing nets, pikes, war dogs, and pikes.

    This play style will almost completely abandon the more noble “shield wall” that my conventional force revolves around, and focus more un hunting, capturing, and staggering the enemy, rather than subduing the enemy through sheer force. In fact, if employed correctly, it could completely abandon the conventional military line battle that fights naturally gravitate towards.

    this will probably be the dirtiest tactic out there, but will still require a strong tactical mindset and will definitely have its fair share of weaknesses.
    the main reason why I can’t employ this tactic 24/7 is that nets must be bought or captured, severely limiting the amount of nets I can bring into battle, as well as the fact that nets are 100% irretrievable once thrown, even if the victim doesn’t break free in time to not be bludgeoned or poked to death. This is why I’m desperate for a crafting system, to have a good steady supply of nets at my disposal.

    nets HAVE to be a craft-able item in the future or this interesting tactic will never see the light of day in its true form. I can see it having lots of strengths and weaknesses in the field, and I would absolutely love to see its effects on a surrounded/ambushed opponent.

    The Bastard Tactic:

    My first (experimental) squad will be made up of 8 pikemen each equipped with pikes, bill-hooks, and multiple nets. 2 archers will also be valuable for standard reasons that you may value yourself. And 2 heavy axemen with throwing weapons and war axes at their disposal. Almost everyone will be wearing light/medium armour except for the heavy axemen. Axemen are in charge of ONLY protecting the pikemen, but also through getting rid of any/all enemy shields, and take a few hits if need be. the throwing weapons will be necessary as the lack of axemen equates to the lack of space that they control, so they need ranged weapons to make up for this lack of territory control. they are also the most important to keep alive as once they go down, the pikemen will become the main targets. Pikemen are in charge of dealing an extreme amount of damage, with a mix of pikes and bill-hooks, I’ll be able to have a strong ability to push and pull enemies at my will, virtually splitting them up, getting them off high ground, and anything that puts them at a disadvantage. and if a particular enemy is giving me trouble, I’ll push them far away with a pike and then throw a net on him, practically putting him out of the picture until I’m ready to deal with him again.
    war dogs are also key with controlling the enemy. Dogs can easily replace the role of nets in a pinch. war dogs can pin a unit in place for a while, especially when attacking in a a big pack. they can take care of enemies that have already been weakened, allowing my pikemen to focus on more dangerous, fully armoured and fresh targets.

    Basically what it lacks in terrible defence it makes up for with an absurd amount of controlling power over the enemy. It would still have a decent amount of damage output, with pikes being used as both the main damage output and the main controlling force alongside nets and dogs.

    I really want to know what you guys think of this. what weaknesses could you guys point out, if I missed any? What do you think would be the best way to level up this type of fighting force. Would you like to see some other tactics I’ve been developing? Let me know!


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    This is basically the Goblin’s stratagem without the heavy archer support. I think against equal or less number of opponents it would work out and certainly be enjoyable being such a bastard, but against heavy armored orcs and 20+ enemies you would be toast.

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    I think that would work well against bandits, and possibly goblins. Personally, I’d add 2 or 3 crossbowmen. I find the increased hit & damage make up for the slow speed & -1 hex range over bows.

    In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!

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    I’m considering have a party of all crossbowmen. Those things are brutal. Throw some decent armor on them and side-arms, should be in good shape.

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    this would be killer against undead. with terrible dodge ability and a limited amount of action points alongside their predictability (move forward and bite things) I completely decimate them. and if I push them 2 tiles away from any of my guys, that keeps them from attacking for that turn, no nets or dogs required. ghouls will still be a challenge but my axemen can focus on them while pikes hold the undead out of harms reach.


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