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    Hello fellow Battle Brothers!

    Better late than never, I would like to invite everyone to our community Discord server! That includes the Devs too of course!
    We have a lot of active streamers in our community and they usually put up announcements when they go live.

    Without further ado, here is the link to our Discord channel “The Fine Few”:

    And also a list of (hopefully still active) Battle Brothers Streamers:

    ZuppZupp_BB Founder of The Fine Few and our commander in chief
    83Johan The Sargeant who pulls all the crazy stunts, daggering Fallen Heroes at day 5
    Hanz_Gruber He has an epic beard!
    Yogkangaroo The bestest british accent.
    ThePatcheList Is taking a break but will hopefully come back soon.

    We sometimes have challenge runs which run over a few weeks. Last time the challenge was “Loyal Servant” where our streamers weren’t allowed to decline or abort Noble-House contracts. Needless to say, that didn’t go too well…

    Anyways, feel free to drop in and ask questions or share some of your tales. The life of a mercenary can be lonely sometimes…

    I am Namespace aka. PanSatyros aka. Blasphemy and it would be my pleasure to talk to you later.

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