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    Hi all, I have found a gap in the Iron mode which allows you to re-try your fight over and over again, no matter what happened during the combat, if you use alt+f4 combination during the battle, then you after reload you will be right in front of your fight place. And since you know this, you always start use it and all your iron mode experience is gone. Because you know that whenever has happened within the fight, you always may return back before the fight.

    From my perspective, it would be more efficient and interesting if at least saves will be done during the fight and after each turn of each person, then all players who knows about it will be more careful.

    I have tried many times since the very beginning to not exploit this gap. But every time when you get used to your party, you always want to keep them all alive and it’s sad because the challenge is gone.

    With Best Regards, you are doing great job guys.

    Avatar photoIgorBrehm

    I understand what you are talking about, but saving all the time like that is probably going to take too much work to do and even make the game slow. I believe it’s only a matter of learning the spirit of the game, which is that bad things will happen to you ans it’s ok to lose sometimes, which os actually one of the main things the game is about, you will lose men and battles and have setbacks.
    It’s hard to let go but it is necessary to learn to be able to do that and not care so much about perfect gameplays, gamers have got quite spoiled at that with other games imo

    Avatar photoIoci

    I used to play BB on a laptop that was slow. In iron mode everytime I exit a settlement, the game would freeze for about 5secs due to the auto_save. So if iron mode made a save in every turn, which I do like the idea, this mode would no longer be playable for ppl who use a bad PC

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