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    EEL Lone Wolf start, it goes surprisingly well, on day 8 I take retrieve an item from a graveyard contract, 2 sculls.
    My armour is a bit damaged, no tools and gold but I can retreat and still complete the contract.
    The battle starts in the forest, I manually retreat on turn 1 then I press the retreat button.
    Second turn, the game freezes and a critical error appear. OK, I think. No big deal.
    Load, start the battle, retreat. No progress in contract info. I still need to retrieve an item.
    So I take the fight that is very hard to win for my LW and I lose.
    I don’t need to mention that Ironman and bugs are incompatible, but please, fix the retreat. It’s only part of the game that is still bugged (at least for me) and weird AI behaviour during retreat is quite common.

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