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    So I just received my first quest chain! I’m pretty excited, because I’d honestly started to skim the questgiver’s dialogue for the basics of what I would be fighting. I’m sure other people do the same; you can really only have a guy tell you to go kill goblins (and it is always goblins isn’t it) so many times before you just want the bullet points.

    Anyway, I got the bog-standard “Please go kill the grave robbers” quest. Easy peasy! I’ve done those dozens of times! It’s always low-tier bandits or maybe some ghouls. Stupid peasants could do it themselves probably, but hey, money is money. This time was different. This time the graveyard was full of wider… wieder… German Zombies. A whole horde! ZOUNDS! In any case, the Dead Men (an ironic name for the company in this specific instance) survived, tired and battered but all alive. Everything was normal, except the post-battle was different. Instead of the usual “They’re all dead, let’s go get paid” malarkey, one of the mercenaries finds some weird artifact.

    When we get back to town, instead of the usual “Thanks for murdering things for me, here’s money” dialogue, the guy tells me that there’s a necromancer about, and offers to double my fee if I’ll go off him too! Bam! Quest chain! As you can probably imagine, I’m pretty excited about it.

    I’m especially happy because it comes on the heels of another quest-goes-topsy-turvey that happened to me yesterday. I got a “Go Kill The Orcs” quest, so off I went to kill some orcs. It’s just a handful of Orc Young with a few Orc Warriors, according to the scouts. Definitely a winnable fight. When I attacked though, I got an event message telling me that the orcs are fighting among themselves! Suddenly, the orcs outnumber and surround me, but are honestly more interested in bashing one another than in murdering me. It was a very fun battle, and really nerve-wracking.

    As much as I enjoy playing Battle Brothers, in the past I did find that it got pretty repetitive: you fought the same battles over and over until your warband got powerful enough that they just weren’t dangerous anymore… and then I would get bored and stop playing for awhile. Apparently there were high-tier enemies that showed up later in the game, but I never saw them. Events like these that shake up the combat really make the game more fun for me. I don’t know how many are in the game now, or how many are planned to be added, but I hope that more dynamic battle events get added in. They really do a lot to break up the grind that I sometimes feel that Battle Brothers becomes after awhile.

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    The Orc in-fighting i really enjoyed i have had this twice and it is a really nice touch

    the necromancer artifact i have not seen – i will be looking out for this one now

    it is repetitive and i really want more content

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    Yes, after that orc fight I started to read dialogues more carefully. I just would like to see some difference between different orc tribes, battle was a bit confusing since I was not sure who was fighting against whom.. Maybe that will be updated later on.

    Anyways, for me those big fights involving several factions are currently best part of game. Hope we can see soon more activity from Noble houses.

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    The orc in-fighting one’s not new. I saw it c. a month ago, and haven’t seen it since. Today/yesterday, I got the necromancer-artifact one for the first time.

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    I actually liked that I couldn’t tell the orc sides apart. I kind of figured it was some kind of fantastic (as in fantasy, not wonderful) racism. “All them orcs look the same to me!”

    I’ve also had a couple cool events occur with some caravan escort missions.

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    It’s still a good sign. Over-arcing storylines are really one of the only things missing from Battle Brothers so far; aside from maybe the ability to play politics or develop new industries/economies in certain towns. My own list of “things I’d like to see” is fairly small, but an optional (or “continue when you’re ready”) storyline is the one I’m hoping for the most.

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