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    I love this game, and the setting. I think it’s great, and I have enjoyed it for months.

    With that said, personally, I’m very interested in the sengoku jidai of Japan. I think except shogun total war, there are very few games out there that spans the sengoku era. The gritty style of this game at its core, would in my opinion also work in “feudal” Japan. Where the warring lords, and even merchants or peasants could ask for assistance in various tasks. The samurai did change side and lacked all sense of honor, all the time, so contracts would need to work differently depending on the source. But still work in the dog eat dog world of Battle Brothers.

    Lords, would perhaps reward fame that could lead to advancement. Where fame would gradually unlock what couldn’t be taken by brute force.
    While merchants, farmers and the like could offer items or even coin (rice) for assistance.

    In a simple sense, a band of vagabonds trying to climb up the social ladder.

    Game mod concept wise I have little to add at the moment, but I rather thought it would be neat if one could draw the art assets, and as such wondering how it could, if even possible be made into a mod. Perhaps some kind of workshop integration where artist could add material?
    Obviously copying the style of the current lead artist.

    Anyone else here that think something like this would be interesting?
    Battle Brothers, in Feudal Japan?

    If anyone is good with the pen I would love to see some concepts. I’ll do some myself in due time. If for nothing else, just for the fun of it.
    Working with an antique dealer here in Japan, I have thousands of photos of armor and swords, and I would be happy to share high resolution images for reference. I added an armor pic that while newer that the sengoku period, mimics what would have been seen during that era.

    Thank you for your time,

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    A rough concept for an art asset would be something like this.

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