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    Just some Suggestions : MERC Base ,Camp ,Game mechanics and other stuffs
    Hello all, I’m quite new here and was only introduced to battle brothers for a week now and I’m quite been fond to the game and was thinking about some features for the game
    I can’t seem to like the max cap of 12 only BB and had an idea that what if we could build our own mercenary camp or a building resembling it anywhere on the max and close to the roads but not within the proximity of a city,castle,towers etc.. and we could just drop some of our BB in there to recuperate from injuries and repair equipments but the building could be attacked and captured by enemy factions and the building could only have room for 12 people so that we could replace some of our BB if we want to.

    GAME SUGGESTIONS well some of it is already in the forums
    -still have the maximum of 12 character for journeys,travels,quest
    -you can stop and drop your injured BB and recover from injuries and repairs their equipments but with the same materials and time like when hours in travelling
    -but building it can be quite very expensive and must require high fame/reputation points if the fame/reputation points are implemented
    -can be captured and recaptured
    -can only have on but can be demolished and rebuilt elsewhere
    -can allow caravan trading
    -can be destroyed if ransacked by raiders and not captured, but can still be rebuilt with a price
    -when prompted by a raid or invasion attack the brothers that are stationed and militias will have to fight and you will have to manually fight it off in the tactical map so you can’t just be pinned in base and enemy raids are more often if your ranked lower and when your so famous enough nobody would like to mess with your base ^-^
    -you can hire some militia to act as an additional stationed guards (10 max) but is not counted with the 12 max camp cap
    -can be upgraded from Mercenary Camp(4 cap) to Merc Base(6 cap),Merc Fortress(8 cap),Merc Citadel(12 maxcap)
    -can be built anywhere in the map but must be built connected to a road and has a restricted distance away from cities, tower, castles etc…
    -the reputation should have ranks
    -you can name your base
    -stables for horses or other mounts (mounts for faster travel and longer movement in the battlefield and have the dash ability on combat like the what the Orcs have)
    -kennels for dogs (can attack and disable but not stun enemies)
    -an aviaries for birdlike pets (BB can have more vision in the map or in the battlefield)
    -still can’t make any weapons
    -no farming planting crops
    -permanent scars or permanent injuries like a decapitated finger, an eye or a hand and have an effect on the char stats so that players should be more careful with battles and not just rush through the enemies
    -enemies could flee the battlefield and adds up more reputation after the battle
    -the skill Captain should be a choice and not a skill(you could pick a mercenary captain if you reach a certain rank in reputation)(and can be upgradable to mercenary commander)
    -other mercenary companies who’ll hinder your missions and also have their own bases and can also be destroyed but not captured
    -jails and you could capture human only characters and put them into jails and try to recruit them with low chance or have a torture mechanics or even execute them
    -you can’t hire mercenaries here and should still need recruit from other places like towns, cities,castles etc…
    -you can build a merchant house and a graveyard for the fallen Brothers and you can read the tombstone on how they died (like: here lies “Ulfgar the brave” has fought valiantly but was decapitated by an Orc Warlord) or something like that

    well it was turning into some kinda GUILD mixed management game but I think it would be fun to have IMO and I’d like to see some medieval dragons of some sort that could wipe-out an entire company of BB but still killable and should still sustain some injuries from the past fights and some legendary mythical creatures just roaming the whole map so!so!so!so! much. oh and did I mention more DRAGONS and BOSSES and boss only drops!!! there is so much promise to this game and I’m rooting for the developers thanks for the game ^o^

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