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    Hello, New player, just bought game today and logged 9 hours.
    Sorry if either of these have been suggested and/or are being worked on already.
    Wanted to start off and say EXCELLENT JOB! The game is fantastic thus far. There is an incredible amount of potential.
    I have found a few things missing that I find very frustrating (especially at the beginning) and I think are CRITICAL to the game gaining further popularity.
    I almost stopped playing after 15 minutes out of frustration from these two things: No Key bind menu, No real tutorial.
    I spent a half hour to 45 minutes looking around on half completed wikis and forum post trying to figure out the basic game mechanics. I also failed my first 2 or 3 play through which again, is frustrating.
    Having a basic Key bind menu so I can see all the buttons (like alt right click is how you repair weapons, or inventory is I, etc.) I think should be top priority.
    As far as a better tutorial, I wouldnt mind just having a wall of text that says “hey, this is an alpha, will do a better tutorial later, here is a bunch of basic info on how to play” then include stuff like you NEED to roam to cities early on and accept quest on the left hand side of the screen by clicking on the scrolls. List out the basic types of buildings and give a brief explanation of them (to be fair this is done already in a good way, but just having it right off the bat for the new alpha players might help). I dont think it needs to be detailed (as the player SHOULD be forced to explore things cause thats the point of the game) but should have enough info that someone isnt completely blind in the dark. give them a box of matches and see what happens.

    On a total side note, being able to fight other mercenary companies in multiplayer (PVP) AND NPC merc comps (PVE), would be bad ass ;)

    And ending thought, being able to “choose” a faction you can ally with and Working your way up to a “lord” and getting land and a castle you can manage would be epic….. but thats also a totally different and complicated game mechanics (as I would imagine you would then have to manage your castle by buying food and getting people and water and supplies and stuff). <—- good idea maybe in a year or so when more of the base game is developed.

    Thank you again for your hard work,this is a beautiful gem that truly shows the love you devs have put into it.
    Best of luck!


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    Little bit of a BUMP. Never saw the Quest Scroll in the towns for the first 30 minutes! When a developer so obviously puts in easter eggs on something big they’re planning I guess I sort of just stay out of the way, but ya I think all these little buildings and such are going to become more interactive.

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