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    Hello my fellow Brothers, since I had plenty of ideas during playing and one of the loading screen advices is to tell you how to improve the game, I thought I’d do just that. I guess many of my suggestions may be existing already in the same or a slightly different form, but to be honest Iam way to lazy to read myself through all the topics in this particular sub-forum. To cut a long story short, i will now list up all my ideas and would be very happy about some feedback.

    1.) Integrate a “sort stash”-button when interacting with traders, it’d speed things up and would all in all be more comfortable.

    2.) Caravans feel kind of worthless now, because you can not interact with them at all. My suggestion would be to make the player able to trade with those caravans, maybe they could even possess some kind of special goods you can’t buy in the villages. Also giving us the liberty to take hostile actions against them would be great in my opinion.

    3.) Being able to play not only human characters. I don’t know whether you want the party of Brothers purely to be human, but I really would love to have something like an orcish deserter or some vampire count who somehow found the way back to the light. It somehow would require different skill trees and character traits for this other races.

    4.) Magicians. Since there already are orcs and skeletons, I really think mages would fit in as well. There are plenty of skills those guys could be able to use, organized via their own skill trees. And, most importantly, I think it would be hella fun.

    5.) Different map design for villages, cities and also buildings of the enemy. Whenever I “retreat” to a village I notice that this option is kind of worthless, because you can’t hide behind the city walls. You should have a tactical adavantage like small passages easy to defend even against great amounts of enemies and also a height advantage for your archers. Those advantages could be made possible by creating defensive structures like traps and walls, which directly leads me to the next point: destructable environment. So the enemy would be able to create breaches in the walls by hitting those with their weapons. Also would be cool if the guys equipped with axes would be able to fell trees in the wood.

    6.)You should consider the option to leave the ruins of buildings and forts razed by the player on the map, so maybe ghosts or other creatures could find themselfs a home in those later. In my opinion that would greatly increase the feeling of being actually able to have an influence on the development and structure of the world.

    7.) In addition to 6.), helping a village with quests or by saving them from hunting packs, orcs, etc. should make it wealthier. That also would give the player the feeling to actually make a difference. I know it was already suggested before, but I feel that a reputation system really would improve the whole game a lot (also in relation for my point 1 caravan ideas, f.e. if you raid one of those it looks like easy money but afterwards you wouldn’t be able to enter the cities related with the caravan).

    8.) I think the world map needs to be bigger, but I guess that’s only a matter of time anyway.

    9.) I’d love to see cavalry units in the game, but fear that’s quite hard to implement.

    10.) You could enable a hunting system to acquire supplies on your journeys.

    11.) I know it was mentioned before, but being able to hire hero characters with special traits, look, skills and equipment would be rather nice.

    12.) You are already working on legendary EQ, aren’t you?

    13.) Give us a warning if there is still loot left when we press the “Leave”-button after won fights. Something like: “Everything left in the loot window will be destroyed if you leave now. Are you sure you want to continue?”. I once accidently leaved without taking any loot after a very hard battle, it was pure frustration. Ouch.

    14.) Tournaments where you can choose a team of fighters from your company to gain honor, experience and money. By the risk of dying, of course.

    15.) Head hunting missions a la “Kill vampire count Ivan of Ingolstadt”.

    16.) I think it would be cool if events would actually trigger quests.

    17.) Enable the option to camp somewhere to repair armor and heal wounds faster.

    18.) I know that is an easy thing to say, but you somehow need to add more “endgame” content. I feel like you don’t really have an aim at the end. In my ongoing game Iam strolling around with a big party of fierce warriors and 30.000 denars. I want to be bandit king, sit in my comfortable fortress and send out my bands of brigands to raid some clueless villages!

    I hope you can make use of something I wrote down previously. If there is one suggestion you care to toss into the hopper I consider the whole thing a success. Also, I apologize for my poor english.

    Cheers, Khal Marx

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