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    Avatar photoTazilon

    Maybe they are already there and I don’t know where to look. If not, this game screams loudly for career stats for one’s players.

    Additionally, do pets level? If not, they should.

    Avatar photoStinek

    I would like to see statistics of my team members. How many enemies they killed, how many of each type. How many damage they dealed etc.
    I also agree with pets leveling.

    Interesting would be also some table like in X-COM. Lost team members, how many battles they fought on my side, when they died. How many kills. What level they had. Some basic table with the most important stats.

    Avatar photofrank_will

    Yes, I purchased the game at the very beginning and asked this both here and on Steam, Devs said it would come, it is something I really miss in this game to be honest. AS well for lost members.

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