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    Avatar photoJason Lutes


    I’ve logged 150+ hours on BB game so far, and it currently ranks among my favorite games of all time. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

    I usually play Challenging/Iron Man. In each of my last 4 or 5 games, after carefully nurturing my little team through the horrors of mercenary life, they get slaughtered by a wandering pack of dire wolves. In all cases my team has been in decent shape, though no one has been higher than 3rd level.

    I’m not going to suggest weakening dire wolves — I don’t mind having enemies that I need to avoid, and I take satisfaction in choosing my battles with great care.

    What I really want is an auto-pause feature. I want the game to pause as soon as an enemy party is sighted, so that I don’t have to rely on my own reflexes to hit the space bar. It takes a relatively long time in real-world time to travel across the map, and I’m not always alert and attentive. If I’m not able to hit the space bar fast enough to pick my way out of fight where I know I’m in over my head, there goes my Iron Man session, and it feels unfair. Especially since so much of the rest of the game’s design philosophy seems to be about careful decision-making.

    I imagine an auto-pause working like this:

    * It’s a option you can turn on or off
    * As soon as a new enemy party appears, that party is flagged the game auto-pauses
    * While a party is flagged, the game will not auto-pause for that party
    * The player unpauses manually by hitting the space bar
    * Once a sighted/flagged enemy party disappears back into the fog of war, it becomes unflagged

    Thanks for listening.

    PS: I would pay good money for a Battle Sisters DLC, should such a thing ever be considered.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    The new Adrenaline perk can be highly effective for turning the tables on direwolves.

    Avatar photoJohel3007

    Direwolves are easy to deal with in open terrain.

    If they don’t reach you on first turn, just spearwall and they’ll mindlessly bump against it.

    If they do reach, switch to axes. And focus on ONE direwolf at a time with the polearms.
    They have a weak resolve so killing a few is usually enough to scare the rest… who then die when trying to retreat.

    Avatar photoRedbeard_69

    I tried several times with my Day 4 Rooky Level 1 Gang of B-Brothers …. Then I tried again – but this time with throwing fishing nets over the direwolves during my first round.
    The nets hold 2(3) rounds until break appart but the main Advantage of the wolves – there agility – was gone. Increased Chance to hit them and to break there Moral.
    This time no Brother was lost or permanent injured. But 3 Direwolve pelts are in return.

    Throwing range of the fishing nets: 3 tiles. Throwing, Switch to Shild & Speer + Shildwall. All in the first turn.

    And knifes have better Chance to hit…

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Auto pause would be very nice! I sometimes go afk to refill my coffee while i run from one village to the next. Ofc, this is only necessary because there is some downtime where I got nothing to do but wait for my guys to run up there.

    As for direwolves. You say your guys arent even level 3, so how many direwolves are we talking about and more importantly, how many guys do you have?
    Direwolves have very weak armor but are nimble. So to counter that, you want to use spears and swords against them mostly. Archers are very effective too but below level 3 they will most likely suck so instead use some polers (even pitchforks should be fine).

    The #1 rule against direwolves is to focus them down and break their morale. They are little pussies and run easily. Once they are wavering or fleeing its just a massacre.
    I think you do not have enough people. 3 direwolves vs 5 soldiers can pose a threat but once you get between 8 and 10 grunts you should be fine. Always use shields against direwolves too. Direwolves are also quite vulnerable against riposte and spear wall. My main setup against them in an early scenario has swordsmen on the flanks and spear wielders in the core of the formation supported by 2-3 polearms/archers.

    Hope this helps! cheers

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