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    Kobolds (or gnomes, nisse, brownies, whatever you wanna call them) would make an excellent early game challenge.

    Here’s the basic run down.

    1. Kobolds are low health, low armor.
    2. Kobolds are tricky to pin down. (All types have both rotation and footwork perks)
    3. Kobolds wield low quality weapons (pick axes, knives, maybe the rare hatchet)
    4. Kobolds most importantly can turn invisible. This is the big thing about kobolds is that they can spend most of their action becoming either totally invisible, or possibly a small impossible to hit wisp of fire (call it a will o wisp or don’t). Being in this form does eat up fatigue at a faster rate then they would earn it by doing nothing but moving. They can attack in wisp (or just invisible) form but this breaks them out of it.

    Invisible kobolds should disappear like if they were hiding in a bush, but wisp ones should be visible little floating fire. It’s up to the developers on which one would be More fun to fight or work around. On one hand invisible ones would be hard to maneuver around since they still occupy a space, while a wisp would make it easier since you would know where they are. Perhaps wisps could work like corpses and zombies. They could move freely but when they reform push people out. Both are tied to folklore so it’d probably take some play testing to decide which is right. Either way this is the gimmick in which kobolds are based on.

    Example contract:
    settlements that have peat pits, copper or iron viens, and mushroom groves should be able to get a kobold infestation, this acts like as if they building was destroyed until the kobolds are driven out. Kobolds have strength in numbers but even low level battle brothers should be able to 1 or 2 shot them.

    On the world map:
    Kobolds will sometimes live in abandoned mines in Huge numbers (15 minimum but even higher then goblin cities)

    Smaller bands have a chance to spawn from battlefields (specifically redcaps)

    Example mobs:

    Brownie: Lowest of the low.
    30ish HP
    Middling combat stats
    wield pickaxes(80%), knives(15%), hatchets(5%)
    Cloth Armor
    Cloth Hats (brown phrygian cap)
    Can turn Invisible/Wisp
    Footwork Perk / Rotation Perk
    Will flee to save own skin.

    Brownie Slinger: Ranged unit
    Same as a Brownie but wields a staff sling, does not carry other weapons, worse resolve

    Red Cap: Murder Hobo
    Red caps are rare in contracts but make up most of what you’ll find in battlefield spawns.
    Slightly better HP.
    Higher Melee Attack.
    Wield exclusively Cleavers. (perhaps a new sickle weapon?)
    Cloth or stolen patchwork chain armor
    Cloth Hat (Red phrygian cap or Gnome style cap)
    Can turn invisible/wisp
    Footwork / Rotation Perk
    Cleaver Mastery
    Berserk / Killing Frenzy Perk
    Really Really want your stuff (orc level resolve)

    Red caps die easy but will Mess you up while they are alive.

    Blue Caps: Blue caps exist in folklore but are mostly mining spirits which fits the theme, but I dunno if you’d make them simply brownie upgrades or save them for events.

    Green Caps: Leprechauns, same as blue caps, I don’t really see you fighting these guys and would save them for an event or two to flesh out the kobold mythos.

    Kobold Warrior (blue caps? Iron Caps?)
    Greater HP
    Better combat stats
    Chain shirt armor (decent but nothing huge)
    Better helm (perhaps a chain coif or metal cap, still wearing a phrygian cap over it)
    wield military picks or rarely warhammer.
    Has Buckler
    Can still turn invisible/wisp
    Footwork/rotation perks
    Hammer Mastery
    Perhaps they carry some new throwing hammers?

    Well that’s all i’m going to write for now. I’m sure I forgot something I wanted to add, but I could always do that later.

    If you have any thoughts or questions please add them.

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