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    Weak, weaker than goblins and orcs, i speak of Kobolds. Kobolds would have simple rags on, no armor, and would either use:

    10& daggers, no shield
    10% maces, no shield
    70% clubs, no shield
    5% bows, 5 arrows
    5% light swords, no shield

    All of this gear is low quality, and worth next to nothing. They are often seen in large numbers, using their sheer numbers to defeat opponents. They are also smaller than humans, however, allowing them to move rather quickly around the battlefield. Maybe 8 AP per Kobold. They would have no cities, towns, or castles, but they might have bases. They also have a famed leader, Grum-Grog the Red, who is said to dwell deep in Kobold Territory, in the Fang-Tooth Caverns. (He has a legendary item, but u have 2 fight through lots of kobolds to get to it, and he has the following gear:

    (example) The Exterminator, a legendary two handed sword, which deals extra damage, and has a 10% chance to kill outright, no matter the damage.
    Brigandine armor

    He is accompanied by 20 kobold guards, with chainmail armor, 4 have bows, 4 have spears (and form a spear wall) 10 have Longswords. and 2 have Two Handed Swords and wear brigandine armor.

    (maybe this could be one of those strongholds i talked about in my other suggestion)

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