Topic: Landscape (rivers/greeks), boats and fords :)

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    Somehow I miss the rivers from the earlier state of the game before the worldmap update was released.
    I personally don`t like beaches and the sea(in real live) and so I prefer not having them in video games as well but not that I want them to be removed from the game or anything :), though having rivers and greeks again wich might even be hard to cross (like in the early version)would be nice and would add to the atmosphare of the forests and such (just my opinion). Like that fords become somewhat strategic positions for bandits and noble houses alike(traps, boarders ,castles…). Apart from that crossing the sea is fairly unlikely if you are a group of mercenaries without a boat, so having small fisherstation(kinda) or abandoned boats along the beach would give you the possibility to rech island and so on; similar to the harbors in the cities

    Just me nitpicking about some things I noticed as the nerd I am. :)

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