Topic: Late Game Crisis and Perma Destruction in the DLC

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    Will the DLC bring any changes to the late game events ? Currently I have perma destruction deactivated, since it feels too harsh and there is no way to rebuild if you lose an important town.

    It would be great if the DLC could re-visit the late game crisis and maybe introduce a series of missions to rebuild razed towns, something like this maybe:

    *Clear the town of monsters/bandits (should be a big fight with bosses)
    *Escort a caravan of settlers to the town
    *Defend the town for a week until their own militia is ready

    I think this would be a good middle ground and superior to the current system. An important town would be worth fighting over and you still risk being deprived of a large town’s services if it gets destroyed during a crisis. And it would be worth it to run high-risk missions to rebuild such a town.

    Avatar photoRap

    The update accompanying the DLC will include some balancing changes for late game crises, including how active the enemy is in razing towns across the map, and how long it takes to beat a crisis. I’m afraid that anything beyond this is outside the scope of a DLC focused on beasts and exploration, even though I believe these are good ideas.

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