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    Hey. So currently the “late”game crisis starts around day 90.
    This is too early for my taste. At this point I am glad my first few recruits hit lv11 and are not half bad. Still at this point this doesn’t even feel close to endgame yet.

    Especially if you take contracts that take a lot of time like caravan escorts, package delivery, patrols (with long distances between settlements on some maps) the actual crown income/day is a LOT lower than just skipping them and taking some extermination quests instead.

    It would be amazing if we could get some more customization options for lategame crises. Maybe as a factor on world generation?

    – Frequency of occurence (maybe with a little slider from say 50-300 days and the default be 90 like now.

    – Checkboxes for types of lategame crises. I think limiting to just one or all is not good. Maybe someone wants to do noble houses and undead but not greenskins since they permanently destroy settlements or someone wants to play the whole game without any crisis at all.

    Being able to set the pace of the game for myself would take away a lot of the time pressure I am feeling right now. I would really like to have the time to just roam the world map, clear fog of war and kill everything that gets in my way and not have to worry about efficiency.

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