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    In the patch notes:

    “Added command line argument (also known as Game Launch Option) to potentially fix rare compatibility issue with some video cards. If you’re getting pixelated sprites in the game, try to start Battle Brothers with the command line argument -t2. If this works for you, you can increase this to -t3, -t4 etc up to -t8 for better performance. You can read up on how to apply the command line argument with Steam here. If it doesn’t work for you, please let us know so we can continue looking for a solution.”

    Is there an explanation of what the different -t options and parameters do? Which one might work best for someone with the following performance experience:

    For some reason, my game interface has always been a bit laggy, it feels like I am running it on a virtual machine or something, and it gets worse the longer the game is running (memory leak/management issues?). Some options have helped, such as turning off hardware mouse, vsync, etc., but otherwise the game still bogs down to nearly unplayable, unresponsive interface after a while (maybe 1 hr running), and I inevitably have to restart, which I don’t like to do in the middle of battle, where the interface lag is really the worst, especially switching between my units, activating abilities, going into inventory, etc. (usually I don’t find out how bad it has gotten until I get into a battle, then slog through the horrible interface lag until the battle is over to restart the game). Rinse, repeat.

    Btw, I’m running this on:

    Windows 8.1, 64bit
    i7 4810MQ
    8 gb RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Avatar photoRap


    The -t launch options won’t do anything to solve your issue, I’m afraid. The problem is with the UI somehow. I’ll look into it, but it may take until we have a dedicated UI guy to sort this mess out.

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