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    The game is nearly perfect!
    It is a challange, never boring, has a lot of potential I love it all the way.
    ( I hope u will make it for multiplayer)
    Ok so my problem is, ( I DONT CARE ABOUT PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS WHO PLAYED 45564651681651818 years with the game and has full epic armors) the undead legion is still too overpowered, it has weak hp, and thats all..
    They have good armor ok you bring anti armor weapons, and high accuracy weapons. Archers only effective to destroy armor but not to kill them. They are anti ranged.
    They don’t have morale but they make your man fear, its ok its really op but its ok.
    Moreover, they don’t have fatigue, they can fight years without ever get tired, its way too op but ok they are undead.. realistic. Al these points are ok because they are undead skeletons they are realistic as a fantasy that way.
    My problem is that they are sooo skilled they are better fighters alone than my veteran mercs ( about 7-9 lvl fighters with good armor and good weapons), they have shields with great hp and good defense they always do shieldwalls, and they have great accuracy, especially with those shitty spears. Its madness, I cant beat 12v12 them without losing a man, I can beat any other factions but no matter what tactic I use i always lose man vs them. ( Clevers coem here and say avoid them than! ) Can’t be the only tactic to avoid them. If they are reborn undead they could be fearless without fatigue but stop them using shieldwall, thats my only asking if u play line battle vs them u are dead if u make smaller groups u definetly lose man.

    Please balance them a bit more, they are superb, fighting 12 legionaries is like fighting 8 orc warriors.

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    Dirty tricks: bags and belts, quick hands, a greatsword and/or billhook for getting at legion pikes behind the shields, a greataxe/longaxe for 1/2-shotting tower shields, a heater shield to arm with after attacking, the Indomitable perk to trigger after arming with the heater shield, backliners who can Rotate in to fill the same role (or stay back and smash the shieldless legionaries) …

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    I have found a youtuber who helped me a lot about that. and you too thanks! :D

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