Topic: Letting the AI run my brothers in simple battles


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    When it is a middlegame, and suddenly i’ve been attacked by 7 thugs or few direwolves, nahcerers, orc youngsters, etc, whom i shurely defeat without any significant damage, i wish i can tap “autobattle”, stand awhile, make some tea and sandwich and sit back, enjoying it and watching my brothers do they job.

    In this case i wouid like to suggest a button “autobattle” which leaves AI running a battle.

    Why it nedeed to be:
    It saves at least fifteen minutes each time.
    It probably will teach some basic tactics if player is newbee.
    It keeps playing process interesting, release player from routine. (It disurbing on 20th party doing things again and again.)

    If things goes wrong “autobattle” can be disabled by player.

    On my amateur opinion it wouldn’t be complicate to add this feature.
    I’m from Russia, sorry about my english.

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