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    Hey guys!

    Was thinking the other day that a simple way to fill out the non-main story contracts would be to release a structure-template so we could help you guys out with the text aspect of them. Simply put you let us help you for free in providing more content in the game. Basic restrictions and lore-guidelines would have to be drawn up and the editing, usage would be up to you guys. For example:

    “A bruised woman stumbles into you while you are having a discussion about prices with a merchant at the market…”

    Yes or No, do we want to help her ransom her daughter from the vile bandits for x coin or just because our mercenary character have a chivalrous disposition.

    I’m writing this on my lunchbreak at the university so If I need to clarify my suggestion, please just post.


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    Great idea, we’d love to have the community help us out with ideas for contracts. I’m sure you guys have some great concepts we won’t think off. Like you said, we’d have to draw up some rules and lore-guidelines for this first, though.

    To avoid repetition as good as we can, the text part of contracts is actually modular as well. I don’t have an example from a contract yet, but here’s one from the “Adventurous Noble” background story, which works much the same way. The story is randomly put together from a series of parts so that not every adventurous noble will have the exact same story.

    {A minor noble | As the third in the line of succession | A young and brash noble | A skilled swordsman}, %name%’s life at court {has grown stale for him | is not exciting enough for him with endless studying of court etiquette and history of lineage | feels like wasting the best time of his life to him}. {Wearing his family’s crest proudly | At the encouragement of his brother | To the frustration of his mother | Finally making a decision to change things}, %name% rode out to {prove himself | make a name for himself | earn glory on the battlefield | test his skills in battle} and {live life | see the world | earn his place in the world | earn the title of Knight by his valor}.

    Could produce, for example:

    As the third in the line of succession, Ragnar’s life at court feels like wasting the best time of his life to him. To the frustration of his mother, Ragnar rode out to make a name for himself and earn his place in the world.


    A young and brash noble, Bjarne’s life at court is not exciting enough for him with endless studying of court etiquette and history of lineage. Wearing his family’s crest proudly, Bjarne rode out to test his skills in battle and see the world.

    They’re still similar, of course, but if we have enough time those (and, of course, contracts) could be made even more varied. We’ll do a more official announcement to include you guys on this once we’re further up into development of the worldmap and are ready to implement all the contracts. I believe we could then also give out a free game key or two for the best contract concepts as a thank you for all your effort.

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    Exactly, looking forward to it.

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    Perfect. I’ll have to make sure all my future posts have excellent grammar and spelling.

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