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    Hi Rap,

    I saw you responded to a post about a week back so i guess you are still lurking in the forums…

    If you guys felt that the Lindwurm free dlc was well received (I certainly think it was based on Steam comments) has the Overhype team had any fresh internal discussions about testing the water with paid dlc in the future? I guess your next pay day is some way off with the new game and based on positive response to Lindwurm, this may be a way to keep the cash coming in and delight your customers?

    I’m sure I don’t need to tell you of the scope but hey, if you’ve read this far then why not, some obvious options: Weapons; Legendaries; Backgrounds; Events; Mission types; Quest chains; New Buildings; Human ethnic & cultural diversity; Camp followers; Tactical map diversity; New Strategic map features; Brother quest chains with specific rewards for brother in question; Quality off life improvements (e.g. Safe retreat mechanic).

    Once again: great work and my fingers remained crossed!


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    If you guys can’t enable full-modding into the game, consider creating simple tools for people to “inject” new events, items (with sprites/custom icons and customizable mechanics currently used in the game), professions and maybe even monsters with changable faction(so you could eg. introduce new types of Orcs/Goblins/Undead/Bandits/Neutral monsters).

    Seriously, I’d pay 20$ for such toolset, and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who’d do the same.
    From the economical perspective – Active modding community equals bigger sales.

    Also, you seriously should consider small DLC’s to keep a good reputation with fans of your game. I don’t think it would take a lot of work to release something per quarter and I’m 100% positive that this money would help you out with your next project.

    C’mon Overhype. Your first baby is so great, why u do dis? ;_;

    I keep my fingers crossed as well. A lot of people on other boards are talking about this too. BB was a dream come true to a lot of us, and we feel that this game has a lot more to offer.

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    What I want above all else is (a) a “speed mode” in which crises mount and enemies become more deadly at a more rapid rate, but in which XPts/Levels/Perks are gained much more rapidly, so that you can get the bulk of the roster to level 11+ and deal with the first crisis all within a single real day of play (instead of taking an entire damn week), and (b) an experimental “custom scenario” feature in which you can bestow an entire range of perks on your troops (and their opponents) and set the stats of your troops+opponents … and (c) two new crises, one involving hordes of bandits+mercenaries, and another involving hordes of monsters (direwolves+nachzehrers+lindwurms) …

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