Topic: My list of suggestions (currently game 1.0.4)

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    What I really miss in Battle Brothers

    1) critical
    a. setting “autopause world map when you discover an enemy party”
    b. warning when a bow/crossbow is equipped but no appropriate quiver
    c. sometimes a town spawns in the top right corner covered by the world map’s quest log (I could not find the town at first) Either make an arrow pointing there or better make the quest log less opaque or draggable
    d. warning if you don’t take loot + add auto-loot checkbox also to the after battle loot screen
    e. more autosaves – enter combat, finish combat, enter town, exit town, separate autosave slot for each

    2) important
    a. quicksave slot + hotkey
    b. when manually saving a game there should be visible feedback (window with “saving” written and a rolling wheel or some other animation)
    c. possibility to change hotkeys (I sometimes accidentally hit F in battle which is a catastrophe)
    d. faster „safe retreat” option if the opponent has obviously no chance of catching us (at this moment it is really annoying)
    e. „always focus on active brother“ setting for battle
    f. “toggle tracking footprints” button is unclear whether on or off by the icon image
    g. compare equipment – mouse over item in stash to show a window comparing stats with the equipped item (weapons especially, armor, helmets)

    3) would be nice
    a. “camp until dawn” button
    b. battle log expandable to custom size by dragging + opacity option
    c. many more town names, many more brother names
    d. in game tutorial
    e. even bigger maps with more towns

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