Topic: Loading autosave changes the character of the battle

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    Ok so this one is a bit difficult to explain, so bare with me.

    -Im walking down the road.
    -I see Orcs attacking caravan.
    -I save game in order to see whether i can beat Orcs at all.
    -I join battle.
    -I get placed as “secondary” participant, which means i get placed in one corner of the map and i have to walk all the way to the place where fighting is happening (as it should be).
    -The battle doesnt go well, so i decide to load auto save (i also have the save game before the battle).
    When i load autosave the world is blank (this is probably another bug, you need to let at least some time pass before world “updates” after loading, which probably shouldnt be the case);
    -I unpause (to update the world) and i get instantly called into battle, as if my party was attacked by the Orcs (and remember, there was already a battle going on there before i had arrived).
    -After the battle loads, i get placed in a line up as if this was a normal battle.
    -This shouldnt be the case – the save game before the battle and autosave before the battle should produce the same kind of battle (in both cases battle where im “secondary” participant of the battle.

    -save game 29 will produce “normal” battle (where im “secondary” participant)
    -save game autosave will produce a different battle (where im treated as primary attacked party)

    2.) You should probably make loading save games work by automatically updating the world upon load. The way it works now is that when you load the world is “blank”, you need to unpause and let at least a little bit of time pass before things go back to normal, which can cause problems.

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    Just to clarify:

    It looks like you set things in such a way that when we load save game world needs to “update”. There are two problems here, first is that this updating isnt done while loading the actual save (we need to let some time pass for things to appear) and second when this update happens the parties that were in battle seem to re-issue battle command – so if autosave spawns me on top of caravan (friendly) being attacked by orcs (hostiles), i get called into battle the same way when you attack multiple small bandit stacks they all get called into a single battle if they are nearby.

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