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    Got the game on Steam, played a few hours, enjoying it quite a bit so far. Reminds me of Mount & Blade in a good way, but definitely is its own unique game.

    That said, I think the game could benefit from being more unique. I think a more in depth logistics system could benefit the game greatly. As of this post your men can carry what I would assume to be hundreds of pounds of gear per man, with few penalties on map speed or morale. What I would prefer to see is a system where your 12 men can comfortably move in at most leather armor for general marching, but require an entourage for heavier armors such as scale or plate, as unlike many ARPGs would have use believe wearing heavy armor is tiring, though well made suits hardly qualify as uncomfortable.

    Packmules and horses could be required for carrying large amounts of food, weapons, or heavy armor, quartermasters could be used to carry items more efficiently or speed up the time it takes to gear up, men simply carrying things in their packs could get tired or face morale penalties leading into battle.

    On the topic of morale, right now it seems to be only affected by battle, with zero outside factors like number of days without stopping for rest, outcome of recent battles, and just how well the company in general gets along. I think a more variable morale system with the ability for your men to start the battle ready to flee or confident with the invincibility of their company would help make the game more in depth, making choices outside of battle matter just as much for the outcome as those within the battle. A death of a beloved party member would leave everyone in low spirits for a month, while conquering an Orc warhost without so much of a scratch would make your mean feel like they cannot be bested by any mortal.

    Finally, on Orcs, I think the whole “they are our enemy no matter what,” shtick is rather lame. I do like the concept of Orcs being more savage, looked down upon by humans, and generally less advanced, but this isn’t Warhammer. Factions don’t need to be black and white. Maybe there are some Orc villages that are friendly to/can barely tolerate humans/are tolerated by humans for some strange reason, and even engage in trade with the more pleasant of men, whilst facing raids from bandits, prejudiced nobles, and purist orcs alike.

    Which would (hopefully) also mean that the player could recruit Orcish mercenaries. This is probably the greyest area of my whole grey suggestions, but if they were to be implemented I would think that armor and weapons for the large Orcs would be need to be custom made if made by humans, and of very poor quality if made by Orcs. They would require more food, but naturally be stronger, though perhaps less skillful, warriors.

    Thinking more into this, would humans hold any qualms holding Orcish slaves? Though stronger than any human, an unarmed ORc would obviously lose a fight, and they would probably be very useful as unskilled labor.

    Anywho. Just some thoughts and rambling.

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