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    (Couldnt make up anything better)
    When I baught the game probably over a year ago stupid as I was I didnt have enough money for the soundtrack-lorebook-fangshire- bundle.
    So I baught the “plain“ game so to say, now I know that I should have waited for having more money on steam but I really wanted to start playing this awesome game.
    But now that the lorebook has actually been released I recognized my mistake…
    So what I`d like to ask is if you would be able to give everyone that did already buy the game without it the posibility to do so now…

    I am looking forward to otherpeoples opinions oon this topic and the future of Battle Brothers.
    Grüße aus dem Taunus

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    I had the option to buy an upgrade of maybe 20€ for the Supporter Edition on Steam.
    If you check out the Supporter Edition Bundle you can even buy the Lore and Art Book separately it seems.
    I believe this was also the page where I got the upgrade from.

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    Hallo Valiant,

    if you are locked in at steam you can buy the supporter edition bundle, without paying the parts you already have. In your case you have only to pay the lore book, fangshire helm and the soundtrack and not the game. The lore book is not available for single purchase, to my best knowledge.

    If you have the money by all means buy it. The soundtrack alone is worth it, because it is freaking awesome! I don’t know how often I heard ‘Warpath Ceremony’ or ‘Thug Life’ without actually playing the game. Have fun!

    Grüße von der Ostseeküste,

    Avatar photoValiant

    Hey, thank you guys for the help!
    I really hope that I figgure it out.

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