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    I just recently got into the game, so are still very new to it. So far enjoy very much of it, and like all game I enjoyed, I tend to want to suggest and add to it. So where is an area I hope to see enhanced.

    BB seems to operate at a very low/realistic fantasy setting, which is refreshing. However, I still hope to see some “magic” added into the game (afteall, deads are walking). But would keep it at relative “low-tech” level (no magic book that let you toss a fire-ball), and almost akin to superstations and religious prayers. (things like garlic and salt for against the undeads, etc) But more important than just the theme, I hope to see it as way of gaining more interesting rewards and further character customizations (which to me is the favorite part of the game).

    So right now I see such magic added as charms and talisman, as well as runes, that you can carry or hang/carve onto weapons. They would not offer too overpower advantages, but just some stats boost and extra perks. However, could also see more powerful ancient artifacts from the “bygone age” be in the game too, but as part of end-game rewards.

    To flash out in further details, could see those magical items split into few groups, each operate differently.

    Things like Rabbit foot. Things found a witches hut. They are items you can equipment. They are more related to “wild magic”, thus more random. Could see that they would give you a special perk, but at random, and have limited “charge” or expiration date.
    Something like: Blood Rabbit’s Tail: Charm: 15% chance to allow you to “reroll” a missed hit. 3 Charges. Last for 14 days.

    Basic enchanted ring and neckless. Offers low stats boost.
    Ring of Sword: +3 melee when using a sword.

    For weapons and armor, it is very similar as if it was an item, but just extra stats added into it. But could see it in few different ways too.
    > Enchanted/Rune: add some small stats boost to the attribute of user or weapons

    >Blessed: Stronger boost, but depend on the god/temple you prayed. (else useless)

    >Charmed: similar to charms.

    >Cursed: a strong stat boost but at cost of a large stats reduction. Once equipped, need un-cursed to take it off, else the negative will stat with you.
    Each of those “magical items” will come in vary degree of levels. Most found in town or loot are low grade, and the better one more rare. Super special one (a flaming sword?) are ultra rare and hard to get.

    Also this will require adding some utility building in town to better handle it. A Witch’s Hut that sell cheap charms and help you add charges back. Temple of varies gods to pray to and boost your blessing. Rare rune carver that allow you add runes to your weapon.

    I think this gives you an interesting way to further customize your character, add more loot choice and “surprise” to rewards, while still fit into the overall theme. So hopefully its something worth consider for the game. Thanks for reading.

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    Not sure how it would work in game, but yes, I think that charms that add 1 meele defense or just 1 hp or whatever would make the road to perfection a bit longer and a more fun!

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