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    I like the game alot, and I am sure you have a very clear picture on how you want it to be in its final release- since you already got orcs/gobbos – undead and what not in the game – why not add magical items? Or even priests that can heal wounds – maybe even repair armor with spells in the middle of battle and so forth.

    If thats nothing you want in the game I can only hope for the modders ;)

    I am such a sucker for building up characters in games and equipping them with items. And this game has alot of potential for “how I want a game to be” which might not be the way you would want it though ;) .

    Equipping rings and necklaces – not to mention armor and weapons with magicial abilities is something I never tire with in games – even if its on 40 different characters. Oh well it was a thought.

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    The Devs have mentioned before that they want to avoid magic as much as possible. They atleast want to keep it out of the players hands, as they are simply human mercenaries in a gritty, brutal Medieval world.

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