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    Hello Guys,

    Please make combat go on while you alt tab, that will add a lot to the overall game experience. Sometimes, in later stages of the game, you have to fight ridiculous amount of monsters (like 35 or so). It would help a great deal if you could alt tab while they move. It does consume a lot of time to wait while they finish and having the option to just switch to something else and see the final result in the end would be very helpful.

    Avatar photospamtaboo

    I want to clarify 1 thing here. I am not saying that the game is not fun, or that late game fights are not intense. It’s just sometimes you need to take down a huge amount of opponents that are clearly not a match for your team, and they make it up with numbers, which is completely fine by me. All I am asking is a way to skip these animations (I am saying about werewolves, undead (both zombies and skelies with necrodancers) and ghouls in the first place).

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    Yeah, you can’t play in a window mode or on second monitor while doing something else, because once BB window loses focus it freezes time, which forces you, the Player to sit idly and do nothing while AI side make his decisions and do his stuff.
    It’s too tiring, especially when you help caravans or militia, and each AI side have to move 20+ units.

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